I made this game a while back.  I called it Ennundrum.  It’s a puzzle game, kind of like Sudoku.  It doesn’t tell you if you lost and sometimes it generates puzzles that are unsolvable, but it’s kind of fun if you like puzzle games.  Play it here.

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  1. Wait. Nothing happens when you win. How about a virus message? Or at least a “you made it to the next level!” *reset game… I feel the need to be able to check against myself within the puzzle. Like maybe if it spelled words rather than ended up as a random jumble of cute graphics. Messages like: STOP PROCRASTINATING!! so much for small nations… (don’t worry, the babies made it OK)

    Mountain Cloud
    • Hey again!
      Yeah, the game is not quite finished. You know your done when all the clues are true. Just like Sudoku you pretty much know your done when everything matches up. If I get enough requests I might add something to tell you you got it right.