Game withdrawal

Have been on vacation for the past week so nowhere near being able to play Skyrim. I caught myself concidering picking some berries I saw growing on a bush. Then I thought of how combersome that would actaully be to physically do. I imagined a man with hundreds of tiny sacks tied to his waste. Wandering through the forest carefully picking all manner of berries and herbs. Mumbling to himself as he works.

“Mmmm, blue mountain flower, this will make a fine potion of healing. Yes, next time I find an alchemy bench.”

Over time, though, the winds changed and I found myself craving a different game. I was in Washington DC and the nostalgia of playing Fallout 3 really started hitting hard. It was especially harsh when saw a real life sign for a fallout shelter.

It was the back side of this church:

Since Monday I have actually been back from DC, but because of various obligations I still haven’t gotten to resume Skyrim… Ok, ok I promise to resume normal posting after this one.

In other news desert bus raise over $350,000 for charity! Freaking great job guys!

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