I’ve made a few games over the years.


ISOY: A simple game I made as an experiment.  I wanted to distill what made games fun.
YS: A slightly more complex 2D shooting game which I made to experiment with narrative in gameplay.

In Progress

Game Review Hero: MY attempt to gamify video game reviewing. It’s all very meta.
YS1.1: Re-writing the original game with a different engine. Also making it available for Android. (download)
Untitled: Text based adventure game. The main goal of this project was to work on something simple with a team of people.


Enunndrum: A puzzle game I made based on the zebra puzzle.  Not finished.
Questopotamia: An experiment with creating a complex story engine.
TOTH: Unfinished board game similar to Chess.
GSM: An unfinished 3D shooter.  I wanted to learn how to code in 3D, but ran into a lot of limitations with my artistic ability.

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