Indie Game Overload

The Game Review Hero website is coming along nicely. I am nearly done with the beta version. My plan is to start an invite-only beta next week. Right now I’ve got about 11 candidates that have expressed interest in trying it out. I am hoping to get more. I am also hoping people actually use their invitations. I think I am also just going to start inviting people I think should join. All I need is their email.

I spent the last two hours collecting information on Indie games for the site. I got 15… This is going to take some time.

I did manage to put together some screen shots of what the site will look like.

First Screenshot

Second Screenshot

I am not totally thrilled with the layout, but it will do for the beta. Heh, I kind of feel like slapping “beta” on something is an instant get-out-of-trouble-free card. Site looks like shit? It’s just the beta! Doesn’t always work? That will be fixed after the beta. Broken links? It’s beta!

I am in the process of finalizing rules and drafting info text on each of the different levels. I plan on posting that here is soon as I am done.

Coding wise the last steps to do are letting users know when they have leveled up and profile pages. After those are done I will put the site on-line and start inviting people to join.

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