Scatter brain

My mind has wandered quite a bit of late. I am currently being pulled in a lot of different directions. Between starting a new job, planing a wedding, and rehearsals for a show I will be doing in August my free time has become something of a serious commodity.

Here are two ideas I have thought of, but don’t have time to flesh out:


A 2D Diablo like game with the control scheme from YS called Beelzebub. Character creation would be very complex. The standard types are there on the surface for those who don’t care, but for those who want they can dig in and optimize as much as they want. Players can also customize their character and weapons by uploading their own images or they can select from a list of popular avatars and weapons. Again there would be simple presets for players that don’t care to create their own weapons. Leveling gives the traditional boost in stats but also gives the player a choice of a new type of weapon.

Let’s give an example, Billy signs up to play Beelzebub and decides he wants to be a Fighter. He is then given the option to either select an avatar from a list of 4 avatars created by other players or he can create his own. Once he has chosen an avatar he gets assigned a basic weapon based on his class. Since he is a fighter he gets a glove. After Billy reaches level 5 he has a choice to make. He can choose a more powerful glove or he can choose to learn a new technique. Techniques are special powers he can use when fighting. They are also custom designed by other players or himself. Low level techniques mostly effect status (ie slow, silence, or confuse) and high level techniques can cause elemental damage or even death.

That is the basic idea. Still a lot of detail to flesh out.


A text based thief adventure game I’m calling Protozoon. You play as a thief with the ability to phase through solid objects. The setting is a medieval land where a greedy dictator has finally pushed the people too far and a rebellion has begun to form. The thief gets mixed up in the rebellion, but the story ends with him/her learning the origin of their mysterious powers.

This is my first attempt to make use of the story engine I wrote a while back. Players would start by choosing some basic stats. These stats would all revolve around thieving abilities. So think sneaking, climbing, lock picking, pick pocketing, etc. Controls would be simple. You start out with a description of your location and type in commands to try things out. Basic commands would be things like walk, climb, pick lock, etc. Each location would have multiple paths, but require you to choose the best option based on your skills. Your phase ability would have limited uses per level so you would need to use it sparingly.

Here is an example:
Jessica starts up a new game and decides to sink her stat points in climbing, sneaking and perception. This means her chance of performing a successful climb are higher, she is less likely to be detected when sneaking past a person and is more likely to notice minor details. When playing Jessica will want to look out for ways to complete her mission that require scaling buildings or sneaking past people. Her high perception gives her a better chance of noticing things that are relevant to her (ie, walls that are climbable, and guards that need sneaking past).
It is important to note that just because Jessica doen’t have points in certain skills doesn’t mean she can’t try they, it simply means she has a higher chance to fail. In early cases failure ends in minor injuries. Later it can end in death.

There would also be different weapon skills. Since you are a thief my thought is that combat should be very quick. Either you are able to subdue the enemy by killing them, tying them up or rendering them unconscious within a few moves. Some weapons would have varying chances to stun which lasts for one turn and basically gives the attacker the chance to strike again.

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