Game Concept #?

I can’t remember the last time I did one of these. I got this idea after watching an incredibly disappointing Superbowl a few weeks ago. Some people yell and scream at TV when their favorite sports teams lose games. Some people turn to alcohol. Me? I design games to relieve stress. Yes, I realize that sounds like an oxymoron.


This game would be for iOS and Android OS devices.


The closest I can think of would be a sort of RTS puzzler.


I wanted to take the concept of a football play and turn it into a puzzle game. It needs to be simplified at first, but could get progressively more complex. For this game you would only ever play defense. You would start with just one player on each side. You position your one player by touching the screen where you want him to start. After you have positioned him you choose a target for him to defend. The you click start and the play runs, this will happen without any input from you. The opponent will trying to get to the very top of the screen. Your defender must push him out of bounds to prevent this. If you positioned him correctly you should be able to win.


Each level the plays would get more complex. You would get access to different types of players with different abilities. Some might be big and slow, others would be small but fast. The opponent would also get different types of players including a QB which can throw to other players. Only certain players would be able to block passes. Eventually you would work your way up to something resembling a real football plays.

Extra Credit:

Bonus points for interceptions.
The ability to play offense. Or even get to the point where you play a full game gaining yards switching possession.